Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Garbageman Always Dumps Twice

So trash day in our neighborhood is Tuesday. We go through phases where we forget to put the trashcans on the curb, and we have to wait a whole week. This usually sucks because we tend to fill the cans pretty quickly and sometimes we have to sit on the damn lids to make them stay shut.

But we also go through phases where we're very conscientious about taking the trash to the curb, so we only have to put one of our three cans up there. Keep in mind our driveway is long and steep, and this is quite the chore.

For some reason, the moment we moved into the house - well I should say the moment Brian moved in and I slowly moved my shit in - the garbagemen have had a thing against us. We can't figure it out. There have been times where they haven't taken all of our trash, and there have been times when they will throw our cans in opposite directions so we have to run through the bushes to gather them all. I even had to go so far as to call the trash supervisor in the county to ask why the guys wouldn't take our recycling - he didn't have a clue and ended up coming around and taking it himself.

This past Tuesday was no exception. I heard the guys' truck pretty early that morning, and didn't think anything of it. I left the house as usual to get in my car and go to work. Doo doo doo, drive up the driveway, la la la.

I'm driving, driving, driving backwards up my steep driveway...when all of a sudden I have to slam on my brakes. There, at the top of the hill, smack dab in the middle of my driving path, is the lone trashcan we set atop the curb for pickup. Sure, the trash was all gone, but dammit, why did they put it in the middle of the driveway? Is this a joke they play on some poor family on every street they drive down? And we only had one can up there! We felt like we were doing them a favor by giving them less work to do at our house.

As I drove down my street, after getting out of the car to throw the can out of my way, I noticed that all the other houses' trashcans were set neatly next to the driveways. Ours was the only one that seemed to be defiantly placed in the center of the driveway. I cannot, cannot, cannot figure out what we did to offend these guys.

I'm thinking we need to get them some beer this year for the holidays. Because there' s nothing like a little drinking and trash truck driving.