Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If You Were Us..

The little man will be 18 months old when Halloween rolls around. I say we get him a cute costume, even though he won't be trick-or-treating. Said cute costume would make him a boxer...How freaking cute is that?!?

The husband's point of view is that since he won't be trick-or-treating, why would we get him a pricey costume...we could be using that money to buy him educational toys.

But I want pictures of my little cutie dressed up for Halloween!

It's quite a pickle.


Jen said...

I say go for the costume! Evelyn has a ladybug sleeper... I hope it won't be too big!

Amy said...

Why isn't he going trick or treating????

Heather said...

Amy, I don't know...we'll have to figure something out because people don't trick or treat in my neighborhood.

erica said...

come to my neighborhood!

and, tucker will love to see pictures of himself when he is older. or you can do what dave's mom did when he was little and draw glasses, mustache, and a beard on his face. those pictures are hilarious!